Wind Turbine Component PROPOSED Delivery Schedule – 1st February to 21st February 2021

Monday 1st February 4
Tuesday 2nd February 6
Wednesday 3rd February 5
Thursday 4th February 3
Friday 5th February 5
Saturday 6th February 4
Monday 8th February 3
Tuesday 9th February 5
Wednesday 10th February 4
Thursday 11th February 3
Friday 12th February 5
Saturday 13th February 4
Monday 15th February 3
Tuesday 16th February 5
Wednesday 17th February 4
Thursday 18th February 3
Friday 19th February 5
Saturday 20th February 4
Police escorted deliveries to the Bango Wind Farm generally occur earlier than 7:00am as permitted in accordance with Condition L4.2b of EPL 21286, and Condition 6 of Schedule 3 of SSD 6686.
Note that the scheduled transporting of the Wind Turbine Components can and do change due to unplanned reasons – including inclement weather conditions.  These schedules are completely at the management of RMS NSW and the NSW Police.
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