Wind Turbine Component PROPOSED Delivery Schedule 11th January to 30th January 2021

Monday 11th January 2
Tuesday 12th January 1
Wednesday 13th January 2
Thursday 14th January 6
Friday 15th January 1
Saturday 16th January
Monday 18th January 4
Tuesday 19th January 5
Wednesday 20th January 3
Thursday 21st January 4
Friday 22nd January 5
Saturday 23rd January 3
Monday 25th January 4
Tuesday 26th January 4
Wednesday 27th January 4
Thursday 28th January 4
Friday 29th January 4
Saturday 30th January 4
Police escorted deliveries to the Bango Wind Farm generally occur earlier than 7:00am as permitted in accordance with Condition L4.2b of EPL 21286, and Condition 6 of Schedule 3 of SSD 6686.
Note that the scheduled transporting of the Wind Turbine Components can and do change due to unplanned reasons.  These schedules are completely at the management of RMS NSW and the NSW Police.
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