Large Wind Turbine Component Delivery Schedule Update to 31st October 2020

A reminder that the delivery of large components for the wind turbines will continue to arrive throughout October and November to the Bango Wind Farm site. They are being transported on Over Size / Over Mass (OSOM) vehicles.
The OSOM vehicles delivering these parts will be travelling at set times, outside periods such as school bus times, and will be escorted by police and pilot vehicles.
NSW Police have requested that Police escorted deliveries to the Bango Wind Farm are made earlier than 7:00am.
The new target time for the arrival of Police escorted deliveries to the Bango Wind Farm site entrance is 6:30am. This change is permitted in accordance with Condition L4.2b of EPL 21286, and Condition 6 of Schedule 3 of SSD 6686.
Note that the scheduled transporting of the Wind Turbine Components can and do change due to unplanned reasons. These schedules are completely at the management of RMS NSW and the NSW Police.

Monday 12th October 3
Tuesday 13th October 6
Wednesday 14th October 3
Thursday 15th October 3
Friday 16th October 6
Saturday 17th October 3

Monday 19th October 3
Tuesday 20th October 6
Wednesday 21st October 3
Thursday 22nd October 3
Friday 23rd October 6
Saturday 24th October 3

Monday 26th October 3
Tuesday 27th October 6
Wednesday 28th October 3
Thursday 29th October 3
Friday 30th October 6
Saturday 31st October 3

BWF will endeavour to update the website and Facebook with last minute changes if possible. If you are concerned about travel on a particular day you can call and inquire prior and we can try to obtain up to date information for you.

Remember, when approaching an on-coming oversize vehicle you should:
• Be careful and reduce speed.
• Follow the directions of Police escorts and pilot vehicles.
• Keep to the left of the centre line.
• Be prepared to move to the left side of the road and stop if necessary.
If driving around Over Size / Over Mass vehicles, please:
• Expect these very large vehicles to stay on the bitumen when you overtake.
• When overtaking be aware of roadside conditions e.g. soft shoulders, guideposts and wildlife.
• Following these simple guidelines will keep everyone safe and assist the Police escorts, pilot vehicles and the drivers of the Over Size / Over Mass vehicles.

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