Commencing Soon – Wind Turbine Component Delivery

Wind turbine components for the Bango Wind Farm are progressively arriving into port.

This means that transport of these very large components will start to occur over the next few weeks.

Initial information regarding details, days and times for these deliveries will be made available through this Facebook page, on the Bango Wind Farm website , and by other means to make everyone aware. After the initial notification, updates will only be provided through the Bango Wind Farm website and Facebook.

The Over Size / Over Mass vehicles delivering these parts will be travelling at set times, outside periods such as school bus times, and will be escorted by police and pilot vehicles.

Please, when approaching an on-coming oversize vehicle you should:

  • Be careful and reduce speed.
  • Follow the directions of Police escorts and pilot vehicles.
  • Keep to the left of the centre line.
  • Be prepared to move to the left side of the road and stop if necessary.

If driving around Over Size / Over Mass vehicles, please:

  • Expect these very large vehicles to stay on the bitumen when you overtake.
  • When overtaking be aware of roadside conditions e.g. soft shoulders, guideposts and wildlife.

Following these simple guidelines will keep everyone safe and assist the Police escorts, pilot vehicles and the drivers of the Over Size / Over Mass vehicles.



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