BWF / GE Renewables 2020 Christmas Light Up Competition

With some fantastic entries into the 2020 Bango Wind Farm / GE Renewables Christmas Light Up Competition, judging was not easy.
So many people have put a great deal of time and effort into their displays (one is complete with the “Rusty Old Holden Ute”!  It really feels like Christmas when driving around to look at them all.
Winners this year are:
Best House…. Winner ….  34 Scott Street
                     …. Runner Up …. 1 North Street
Best Novelty …. Winner …. 90 Court Street
                        …. Runner Up …. 49 – 51 Jugiong Street
Best Commercial (non-residential) …. Winner …. Kerrie’s Garden Nickety Nacks ….18 Marsden Street
                                                                 …. Runner Up …. Home Finch …. 82 Pudman Street
Best Renewable …. 45 Campbell Street
Best House    …. 40 Grampian Street
Best Novelty …. 40 Grampian Street

Sadly, since judging, very heavy rain and strong winds have caused damage to some displays.  Still, these very enthusiastic people have worked at repairing their displays so that all may enjoy.
Why not put the family in the car and go for a drive to enjoy these wonderful displays and to show your support for the people who have put in so much effort to create them.
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