Kristy Old
Project Manager – Bango Wind Farm
Tel: 02 4013 4640

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CWP Renewables Pty Ltd
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45 Hunter Street
Newcastle NSW 2300

About Us

Renewable energy, done right

Bango Wind Farm is part of the Grassroots Renewable Energy Platform, a portfolio of renewable energy investments owned by CWP Renewables and Partners Group.

CWP Renewables has been developing renewable energy projects in Europe and in Australia since 2007. We develop utility-scale renewable energy facilities, including wind, solar and battery projects. We manage construction of projects, both our own projects and those of third parties, and we provide ongoing asset management services through project operations.

We believe in long-term relationships and working with the local community to responsibly design, construct and operate renewable energy projects.

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Values & history

CWP Renewables embraces a culture that is built upon trust and passion. We are in a unique industry where our relationships with clients and communities often last in excess of 20 years; the standard lifetime of a wind turbine. For this reason we need to listen to all feedback, but more importantly, be seen to act on it.

For over a decade CWP Renewables has developed national and international wind farms, and it is this experience that we can call on to deliver our promises to both the community and our stakeholders. These are not just words – we have been directly responsible for establishing trust funds, community cooperatives, constructing and operating wind farms.

Our head office in Newcastle, NSW was established in 2007, though our parent companies have been around much longer. Our projects are managed by a team of wind energy professionals who are closely supported by colleagues in Australasia and Europe. These individuals possess a diverse range of skills and knowledge that is leading the wind energy industry into the next generation.

How we work

CWP Renewables is an environmentally and ethically driven organisation; and as such we are always mindful of minimising the impact of our renewable energy projects on the local environment.  This is a constant balancing act as we strive to meet the Federal Government’s RET targets by working with the local community and our stakeholders.

Working with the Environment

  • The impact on local bird populations is monitored throughout the operational lifetime of the wind farm; which allows comparisons between the presence and behaviour of species before, during and after construction of the wind farm.
  • Habitat enhancement schemes are now a regular feature of our wind farm developments.  Land can be set aside to encourage species into the area thereby offsetting any potential impacts of the wind farm.

Working with the Community

  • We are responsible for establishing Community Funds that support the local community.  These Funds are often used for kids’ activities, local events, and the building of new facilities.
  • Wind farms have a positive effect on the local economy through increased demand for local goods and services during the feasibility and construction phases of development.  This can improve the self-esteem and spirit of the whole community.
  • The creation of temporary employment during the construction phase of a wind farm development offers some individuals the opportunity to develop new skills and experience that could lead to specialist long term employment in the wind energy sector.

Working with Stakeholders

  • Our ongoing communication and consultation is the key characteristic that defines our successful partnerships with landowners, manufacturers, private organisations, and energy suppliers.

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