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Why here?

Because of Australia's excellent wind resource, generating electricity from the wind is feasible in a variety of locations throughout the country. However, not all locations or conditions are conducive to wind farm developments. A number of factors such as proximity to the transmission grid, access, ecology and archaeology, cultural significance, visual impact, and location to residential dwellings, must all be taken into account when evaluating the potential of a site. 

Further site specific investigations and consultation are currently taking place to examine the potential effects in more detail. These consultations and studies have come together to form an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) which was submitted to the State government's Department of Planning and Environment for assessment as part of the planning application process. 

Local council, government departments, community members and all other interested stakeholders have had an opportunity to provide input during the assessment and consultation phase. The response to submissions regarding the EIS is now available on the Major Projects website.

The Planning Assessment Commission is the independent approval body for wind farms in NSW. Only once development approval has been granted can construction begin.

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