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This page will keep you updated with the latest information regarding Bango Wind Farm.  Please note that the expected dates below are subject to change.

Activity Actual Date Expected Date Detail
Wind Monitoring Mast Installed 1st July 2009 Milestone
Preliminary Environmental Assessment lodged 1st March 2011 Milestone
Planning Requirements Issued 31st March 2011 Milestone
Bango Wind Farm Publically Announced 5th April 2011 Milestone
Frequently Asked Questions Flyer 5th May 2011 Community
Electrical Connection Assessment   Mid 2012 Study
Project Newsletter #1 15th August 2012 Community
Public Open Day 16th August 2012 Community
Bango Wind Farm changes with the times 16th August 2012 Community
Project Newsletter #2 31st March 2013 Community
Wind Monitoring Mast Installation 27th April 2013 Milestone
Planning Application Submitted 1st May 2013 Milestone
Environmental Offsets 12th June 2013 Community
Community Consultative Committee Meeting 1 8th August 2013 Community
Attention Local Businesses 2nd December 2013 Community
Community Consultative Committee Meeting 2 6th May 2014 Community
Community Consultative Committee Meeting 3 9th November 2015 Community
Project Update Released 16th November 2015 Community
Community Consultative Committee Meeting 4 15th June 2016 Community
Statement of Commitments 27th September 2016 Study
Environmental Noise Assessment 27th September 2016 Study
Ecology Assessment 27th September 2016 Study
Socio-Economic Assessment 27th September 2016 Study
Geology and Civil Engineering Assessment 27th September 2016 Study
Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment 27th September 2016 Study
Traffic and Transport Assessment 27th September 2016 Study
Aviation Assessment 27th September 2016 Study
Communications Assessment 27th September 2016 Study
Public Exhibition 27th September 2016 Milestone
Cultural Heritage Assessment 27th September 2016 Study
Fire and Bushfire Assessment 27th September 2016 Study
Water Assessment 27th September 2016 Study
General Environmental Assessment 27th September 2016 Study
Project Newsletter #4 17th October 2016 Community
Community Consultative Committee Meeting 5 26th October 2016 Community
Public Open Day 3rd November 2016 Community
Community Consultative Committee Meeting 6 27th April 2017 Community
Response to Submissions and Amended DA 15th May 2017 Milestone
Bango Wind Farm Economic Impact Report 6th November 2017 Study
Community Consultative Committee Meeting 7 22nd November 2017 Community
Preliminary Documentation Exhibition 26th April 2018 Milestone
Determination   Mid 2018 Milestone
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