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All projects are managed to a number of key milestones that define the successes that have been achieved to date.  The development of a wind farm project is no different. This page provides you with a brief description and update on the progress of the milestones that must be reached if a wind farm is to become operational.

Wind Monitoring Mast Installed : 1st Jul 2009

Wind monitoring equipment was installed on the site in July 2009 and has been collecting wind speed data used in site layout design and energy yield calculations.

Preliminary Environmental Assessment lodged : 1st Mar 2011

The Preliminary Environmental Assessment was accepted and lodged with the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure. This allows the Director General of NSW Planning to issue the Environmental Assessment Requirements which provide prescripted criteria the planning application should address about the wind farm development.

PDF documentBango WF Prelim Env. Assessment

Planning Requirements Issued : 31st Mar 2011

Project specific environmental assessment requirements, known as Director General's Requirements (DGRs), were issued by the Director General of the Department of Planning and Environment. These set out addditional requirements that must be addressed in the preparation of the Environmental Impact Statement.

These have been replaced by Secretary's Environmental Assessment Requirements, as a result of shift from Part 3A to Part 4 of the Planning pathway for the project.

Bango Wind Farm Publically Announced : 5th Apr 2011

The announcement of the proposed Bango Wind Farm was made by CWP Renewables in April 2011. Over the coming months the project will undergo more detailed design work, including comprehensive community consultation, resulting in the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement.  

PDF documentMedia Release - April 2011

Wind Monitoring Mast Installation : 27th Apr 2013

Installation of a 100m wind monitoring mast in the Mt Buffalo cluster.

Planning Application Submitted : 1st May 2013

The Environmental Impact Statement was compiled and submitted to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment for adequacy review. A series of comments and corrections were issued by the Department and various stakeholders.

Once the EIS has been finalised and deemed adequate, the application will be placed on exhibition.

Public Exhibition : 27th Sep 2016

The project Environmental Impact Statement was on Public Exhibition for 60 days from 27th September to 28 November.

Response to Submissions and Amended DA : 15th May 2017

During exhibition of the Environmental Impacts Statement, submissions were received from the public, special interest groups and government agencies. Since then, a response to those submissions has been written and made public on the DPE website.

To reflect changes made in response to submissions, an amended development application was also submitted.

Preliminary Documentation Exhibition : 26th Apr 2018

The Bango WInd Farm seeks approval from the Commonwealth government, considering impacts of the project in regard to Matters of National Environmental Significance (MNES). The Preliminary Documentation (PD) addresses relevent MNES, how they are expected to be impacted by the project, and measures that will be employed to mitigate these impacts.

The exhibition period for the PD is 26th April to 10th May. During this time, submissions relating to MNES will be accepted.

Determination : Expected Mid 2018

Following Public Exhbition, the Department of Planning and Environment will consider the Planning Application and make a recommendation to the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC). The PAC will then determine whether the project should be granted consent.

CWP Renewables works closely with landowners, the community, and our stakeholders,

CWP Renewables works closely with landowners, the community, and our stakeholders,

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