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Wind farms can deliver a wide range of community benefits in regional areas. These benefits include:

  1. Positive effect on the local economy through increased demand for local goods and services during the feasibility, construction, and operation phases of development.
  2. The creation of temporary employment demand during the construction phase of the development; and permanent jobs during the lifetime of the wind farm.
  3. Contribution to the Federal Government's expanded Renewable Energy Target (RET) of 20% by 2020.
  4. Additional energy supply to help meet the growing demands across NSW and the Eastern seaboard.

Establishment of a Community Fund is also proposed for Bango Wind Farm. The Fund is intended to provide support for the local community to develop, maintain, and enhance facilities, amenities, projects and activities in the region. The Community Fund can be administered by local community representatives with assistance from the local council and is usually established around the time that the wind farm begins producing electricity.

Community Consultative Committee Meeting 7 : 22nd Nov 2017

The seventh CCC meeting for Bango Wind Farm was held on Wednesday 22nd November, 2017.

Minutes for this meeting Can be found below.

PDF documentBango WF 6th CCC Meeting - minutes April 2017

PDF documentBango WF 7th CCC Meeting - minutes Nov 2017

Community Consultative Committee Meeting 6 : 27th Apr 2017

The sixth CCC meeting for Bango Wind Farm was held on Thursday 27th April 2017.

Minutes for this meeting will be uploaded once they are finalised at the next meeting of the CCC.

Public Open Day : 3rd Nov 2016

About 50 people attended an Open Day held at the Boorowa Rec Club. A range of posters were on display with information about the project. Staff were also on hand to answer questions.

Community Consultative Committee Meeting 5 : 26th Oct 2016

The fifth CCC meeting for Bango Wind Farm was held on Wednesday 26th October 2016.

Minutes for this meeting are available at the link below.

PDF documentCCC minutes - October 2016 (521kb)

Project Newsletter #4 : 17th Oct 2016

Project Newsletter #4 was distributed during Public Exhibition.

PDF documentProject Newsletter #4

Community Consultative Committee Meeting 4 : 15th Jun 2016

The forth CCC meeting for Bango Wind Farm was held on Monday 15th June 2016.

PDF documentCCC Minutes - June 2016

Project Update Released : 16th Nov 2015

A Project Update leaflet was created and shared with the local community at the end of 2015. A map of the Project Layout is included in ths leaflet.

PDF documentBango Wind Farm Update

Community Consultative Committee Meeting 3 : 9th Nov 2015

The third CCC meeting for Bango Wind Farm was held on Monday 9th November 2015.

PDF documentCCC Minutes - Nov 2015

Community Consultative Committee Meeting 2 : 6th May 2014

The second CCC meeting for Bango Wind Farm was held on Tuesday 6th May 2014.

PDF documentCCC Minutes - May 2014

Community Consultative Committee Meeting 1 : 8th Aug 2013

The first Community Consultative Committee meeting for Bango Wind Farm was held on Thursday 8th August 2013.

The CCC provides a forum for open discussion between CWP Renewables, the community, Local Government and other stakeholders. In particular, the CCC will provide a forum to:

  • Continue to establish good working relationships between the proponent and the community;
  • Provide an additional channel for ongoing communication and information dissemination;
  • Discuss community concerns and resolutions; and
  • Discuss Community Enhancement Funds.

PDF documentCCC Minutes - Aug 2013

Environmental Offsets : 12th Jun 2013

An environmental offset will be established for Bango Wind Farm to offset the environmental impacts associated with construction and operation of the project. Offset areas will be located in and around the project area and will be set aside and managed for conservation.

In NSW the preferred environmental offset mechanism is the Biodiversity Banking Offset Scheme (BioBanking) operated by the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH). BioBanking brings together landowners who have native vegetation and fauna on their property and project developers.

By participating in the BioBanking scheme, a landowner can benefit from a guaranteed income stream to permanently set aside and manage one or more selected areas of land for conservation. Opportunities also exist for landowners to sell land with the relevant biodiversity values, which would be set aside under the BioBanking scheme.

Click on the links below to download a 2 page summary of what BioBanking is all about and a checklist of vegetation communities we are looking for. If you think you have some suitable land, please send the form back to us (post/fax/email) and we'll be in touch!

PDF documentLandowner Opportunity - Environmental Offsets

PDF documentBioBanking Overview

Project Newsletter #2 : 31st Mar 2013

This is the second newsletter for the Bango Wind Farm, and provides the local community and interested parties with an update to the project so far, in particular work feeding in to the preparation of the Environmental Assessment.

This newsletter was distributed by AusPost mail drop to all residents within 3 km of the wind farm area.

PDF documentBango Wind Farm - Newsletter #2

Public Open Day : 16th Aug 2012

The Public Open Day was held on Thursday the 16th of August to provide an opportunity for local community members to meet the CWP Renewables development and assessment team. The day provided an excellent opportunity for interested community members to provide input into the wind farm design and environmental assessment studies we undertake.

CWP Renewables staff were on hand to hear feedback from attendees. Our conversations on the day helped the development team to continue to identify as many local interests as possible and we looked at individual circumstances with respect to both the draft NSW Wind Energy Guidelines and the Yass and Boorowa Council planning guidelines.

The Public Open day was also an opportunity to promote interest in the Community Consultative Committee (CCC), for which nominations are requested from interested members of the community.

Thank you to all those who attended the Public Open Day. Information gathered will be used to inform the project's ongoing design and implement any changes as appropriate. Photomontages shown on the day can be seen in the Predicted Views section of the website.


Project Newsletter #1 : 15th Aug 2012

The first newsletter for Bango Wind Farm provides information about the project and background about CWP Renewables.

The investigation envelope as shown on the front page of the newsletter can be requested from the development manager directly and will be supplied as a google earth file (KML).

PDF documentBango Wind Farm - Newsletter #1

Bango Wind Farm changes with the times : 16th Aug 2012

CWP Renewables continues to investigate upwards of 100 potential turbine locations for the Bango Wind Farm project. The land area being assessed for the project has now been reduced from that shown in the initial Preliminary Environmental Assessment (PEA) when the Project Application was submitted to the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure back in March 2011.

The project has benefitted from ever-improving technical data and feedback from potential host landholders, the local community and government stakeholders. Consideration of the draft NSW Planning Guidelines: Wind Farms has also played a part in re-shaping the wind farm layout.

The following map shows how the project area has been modified from that originally shown in the PEA lodged in March 2011.

PDF documentBango Wind Farm - Area of Investigation

Frequently Asked Questions Flyer : 5th May 2011

Find answers to some frequently asked questions about wind farm developments and wind energy generation, taken from expert opinion and study findings. 

PDF documentFAQ - March 2011

Attention Local Businesses : 2nd Dec 2013

We encourage all local businesses interested in providing services to the project to formally register your details via our "Contractors" page.

Subject to obtaining consent, these details will be provided to lead civil and electrical companies capable of tendering for the construction of the project.

Community Consultation

Community Consultation

Public Exhibition Open Day

Public Exhibition Open Day

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